Communication Genetics, Appian echo the value of enhanced iBPM

Communication Genetics, a leader in advanced digital communication solutions and services, has partnered with Business Process Management (BPM) specialist to enhance the value of next generation data processing technology.

With data growing at an unprecedented level and research suggesting that 50 billion devices will be connected by 2025, the critical trends of Internet of Things (IoT), big data, the cloud and digitisation will continue to impact on ICT strategies.

To help clients acquire and implement the most effective solutions, Communication Genetics has teamed up with Appian to offer the market the next level technology application in BPM – a critical facet of business development and management.

For example, Appian has rolled out iBPM, an enterprise application platform that facilitates access to business data, processes, documents and collaboration via devices and social interfaces.

Fred-Steinb“Our mandate to our clients is to provide access to cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking solutions. We endorse Appian for its features – including drag and drop functionality, and pre-built accelerators to make embedding complex functions easy,” says Fred Steinberg, Managing Director of Communication Genetics.

“In today’s market, where innovation and agility are game-changers, including the ability to develop and integrate apps, Appian technology offers immediate value. The platform means that enterprise ready apps can be created quickly, and require virtually no coding and makes everything instantly mobile ready,” says Steinberg.

Another key advantage of the technology is that it is available on-premise or in the cloud, and enables users to design, execute, manage and optimise business processes.

Omni-channel opportunity

Appian solutions compliment Communication Genetics drive to add value to businesses that want to leverage omni-channel approach to client communication strategies.

As customer communication channels evolve and consumer preferences for self-service change, communications – whether electronic or print – have become the primary method to communicate with clients.

Financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities and government agencies are constantly discovering new ways to create dynamic, multi-channel touch points with customers.

“Communication Genetics gives you the tools to design and deliver all of your customer communications, from statements, bills, correspondence and policies, to electronic content for e-mail and Internet delivery,” adds Steinberg.

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