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Complete Customer Communication

Your relationship with your customers is only as strong as the last interaction you had with them. Maybe it was face to face – the ideal opportunity to do business. But maybe it was an invoice delivered through the mail or over the Internet – different situation, same opportunity.

And when you had that opportunity, what did you say, and, more importantly, what did your customer hear? Was it a personalized, targeted message that reinforced your brand and moved them to take the action you wanted – or not? It’s critical that each time you “talk” to your customers, you make the most of the chance to strengthen the relationship by delivering a consistent, high-quality, and personalized experience.

Guaranteeing that experience can be difficult if you don’t optimize the significant opportunity presented by customer documents. Whether it’s print or electronic, every time you send a statement, an invoice, a notice, a letter, or a direct mail piece to your customer, you have the chance to capture their attention – and their business – with strategic messages designed to help you meet your business objectives.

No matter how savvy your marketing staff or how capable your technical department, without flexible, fast, and easy-to-use technology – and the support of a strong technology partner – making personalized customer documents a viable part of a successful integrated and cost-effective customer communication strategy may be a constant challenge, and a constant frustration. But it doesn’t have to be.

Communication Genetics gives you the tools to design and deliver all of your customer communications, from statements, bills, correspondence and policies, to electronic content for e-mail and Internet delivery.

CSF Designer - your software solution

CSF® Designer™ is a suite of software that allows you to create and deliver all your customer communications, including bills, statements, notices, letters, policies, direct mail campaigns, booklets, and brochures. With CSF Designer, you can generate high-volume recurring documents, or individual customer communications, while enhancing marketing capabilities, strengthening your customer relationships, and reducing development costs.

Use CSF Designer to personalize your customer documents, target your clients with specific, actionable messages, and then track the results. CSF Designer can handle any size and type of document production, whether print or electronic, and delivers your customer documents anywhere, anytime.

More about CSF Designer, Designer Web, CSF Re@ltime & CSF Intuition:

The CSF® Designer suite of solutions gives you an enterprise-level software platform that supports the move to electronic delivery while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to elevate your customer communications.

CSF Designer extends throughout your enterprise, putting the power of document personalization and automation at the fingertips of your employees. Architected for integration, CSF Designer seamlessly links to your existing systems and workflows, increasing the ROI of existing investments and ensuring a high level of user acceptance.

The CSF Designer suite of solutions includes:

  • CSF® Designer − The foundation of the CSF Suite, helping companies to design, test and generate personalized, multi-channel customer communications
  • CSF® DesignerWeb® − A browser-based messaging and collaboration application, allowing users to create, manage and target personalized communications content
  • CSF Re@ltime® − On-demand environment for CSF Designer, allowing your employees and customers to instantly generate documents in a format created by CSF Designer
  • CSF FasTest® − A suite of testing applications that allows you to reduce your document testing and maintenance costs by up to 50 − 80 percent
  • CSF® Designer Intuition™ − Helps customer-facing employees instantly and interactively create brand and regulatory compliant business documents uniquely personalized to each client interaction.

CSF helps your organization speak to each customer with memorable, impactful documents that align with your goals by taking advantage of multi-channel communications, reaching all of your customers anytime, anywhere – however they prefer.

  • Create intuitive customer communications using functionality such as graphs and charts, logos, color, and transactional tables.
  • Significantly reduce your testing time. CSF FasTest provides efficiencies in all facets of document testing and moves you through the document creation and deployment process quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Use intuitive document design tools, so you can save as much as 80% of the time required to create targeted communications, as compared to using other, less sophisticated customer communication technologies.
  • Create one template, then deliver those customer communications via traditional print or newer digital delivery channels.
  • Lower your outsourced printing costs by formatting and printing more short-run marketing communications in-house. CSF Designer makes it cost-effective to produce quick, targeted, small- volume print pieces in your own shop.
  • Support both mainframe and open systems computing platforms. CSF Designer's open, XML- based architecture makes system portability a reality.
Connecting Marketing and IT for Better Customer Communication

CSF DesignerWeb is intuitive and easy to learn, enabling cross-functional, geographically dispersed teams to begin creating documents with minimal training and support. Better yet, CSF DesignerWeb does not sacrifice functionality for simplicity. Users are able to create and manage engaging content targeted toward specific customer segments via business rules, priorities, and campaign dates.

When you use CSF DesignerWeb, you can:

  • Increase collaboration between cross-functional teams
  • Seamlessly create, approve, and produce customer communications
  • Create dynamic design, testing, and approval processes
  • Reduce cycle time for documents and messaging
  • Enforce adherence to corporate standards across multiple delivery channels


Business and IT users can use CSF DesignerWeb to:

  • Create new messages or edit existing messages using multiple fonts and colors, images, variable data, and transactional tables
  • Configure message parameters such as priorities, begin/end dates, and white-space management
  • Apply appropriate business rules to determine message segmentation
  • Preview messages and documents to verify designs
  • Submit designs into the dynamic workflow process, complete with e-mail notifications, user previews, comment audit trail, and configurable approval steps
CSF Re@ltime® enables you to create individual, personalized customer documents on demand, providing customers with exactly the information they want, exactly when they need it, combining the power and efficiency of the CSF® Designer batch engine with the speed and convenience of your own custom front-end application.
Re@ltime may be used to implement Web-based customer service document applications by taking advantage of the software's ability to electronically deliver customer documents. Customer service representatives can deliver documents directly via a browser-based connection, an extranet service, a third-party network, or by utilizing your own internal network.

In addition, Internet-savvy customers now have a real-time self-service system to deliver their specific account information, because Re@ltime serves as the bridge between Web-based customer service applications, customer data, CSF Designer, and customers' desktop applications.

Offering a wide variety of deployment and customization options, CSF Re@ltime is your partner for delivering instant documents to your customers for immediate viewing or printing.

Re@ltime includes interfaces to customize new applications to meet internal technology standards. These interfaces provide an environment for quick integration of document generation function with existing Web or desktop applications. These applications may be developed using any of the following: ASP, Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, JAVA, or JSP.

Re@ltime, coupled with CSF Designer, delivers the following benefits:

  • Satisfied customers—­­deliver personalized documents when your customers need them, not when it's convenient for you
  • Integration—leveraging industry standard deployment architectures, Re@ltime is designed to be incorporated within existing enterprise applications used by client support staff as well as clients directly
  • Easy access—connect customers via a browser-based connection
  • Direct delivery—deliver documents to your customers via their delivery method of choice — electronically, standard mail, or placed directly in their hands
  • Lower document production costs—produce all documents, whether generated in a large batch or singularly, using the same document production system
  • Increased branding opportunities—reinforce your corporate brand with consistent document design and messaging, whether produced singularly or in large batches
  • Customized content—give customers the exact information they need, while also delivering your corporate message
With CSF Re@ltime, customer communications are the ultimate direct marketing tool, presenting clear, concise messages tailored for customers, generated when they want them, and delivered quickly and efficiently in a format chosen by the customers.
The CSF® Designer Intuition™ solution helps customer facing employees instantly and interactively create brand and regulatory compliant business documents that are uniquely personalized to each interaction.

With CSF Designer Intuition, users can instantly generate documents directly from their line of business applications – sales and service, CRM, Internet portals and more – optimizing traditional trade-offs between user-entered variables and pre-approved content control.

CSF Designer Intuition integrates with your production output systems to generate electronic and print content, reduce cycle times and save you the extra cost and work-arounds typically associated with manual processes and mail merge applications.

CSF Designer Intuition is ideal for organizations such as financial services, insurance, utilities and government. It is well suited for document-centric business processes that combine user specific data, pre-approved static content and user entered or selected ad-hoc content. CSF Designer Intuition applications include:

  • Correspondence management
  • Claims management
  • Account enrollment and on-boarding
  • Sales and enrollment kits
  • Quotes and proposals
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness of customer service representatives, bankers and financial advisors
  • Ensure industry and corporate compliance for your customer communications
  • Reduce the number of document templates to develop and manage
  • Reduce development costs and time-to-market for new communications
  • Reduce errors and manual document fulfillment processes
  • Gain additional return-on-investment from existing business applications
  • Consolidate multiple applications into a single enterprise solution – eliminating multiple software licenses and fees.