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Enterprise Output Management - RSD EOS 360

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Over the past 40 years, EOS (Enterprise Output Solution) has been, and still is, the flagship name of RSD’s offerings. It is an enterprise-grade distributed mainframe output and report management solution designed specifically to meet the challenges of capturing,

For many organizations, EOS is the defacto standard for managing high-volumes of business critical information. Companies around the world dramatically reduced millions of dollars in printing costs as users shift from a paper-centric mentality to accessing content electronically.

Having evolved over more than three decades, EOS supports mixed IT environments common in large enterprises, whether centralized or geographically distributed. From high‐volume mainframe environments to today's Linux, UNIX, or Windows‐based infrastructures, the extremely reliable, scalable architecture consistently delivers high‐performance solutions to organizations that generate, store and manage terabytes of information on a daily basis.

Based on an extensive analysis of customer feedback, and integration with key market dynamics, EOS 360 has been developed to reduce the cost of utilization, increase availability and performance, expedite administration tasks of IT administrators, and improve user access to EOS reports and information.



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Business demand is fueling application growth and increasing computing capacity at record rates. At the same time, IT organizations are trying to manage this increased growth while maintaining or even reducing expenditures. The cost optimization is a priority for 65% of mainframe customers.

The EOS Bridge from z/OS to Open Systems enables EOS administrators to capture content on z/OS and transfer pre-indexed reports to UNIX, Linux and other open system platforms for viewing specially during the Four-Hour Rolling Average (4HRA) Peak. Utilizing the EOS Bridge, customers can reduce high cost of MIPS utilized for viewing and associated costs for storing reports on z/OS and replace that viewing and storage using lower cost open system platforms. This is just another way RSD EOS 360 can be used to achieve operational efficiency within an organization.


Archiving & Records Management - RSD Folders

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RSD Folders is a high performance, secure content and document management solution for complete content archiving, auditing, search and discovery.

High volume datacentres and other content-intensive businesses whose offices span the globe have unique challenges. Virtual teams need to collaborate to produce, store and access massive volumes of content using a complex array of software applications running on multiple platforms. This would be insurmountable without an high performance enterprise solution that provides an holistic view of all information assets and an efficient method to manage the entire content lifecycle. RSD Folders is the document archiving and records management solution that allows these organizations to meet the challenge.

RSD Folders enables the efficient capture, storage, retrieval and accurate classification of content generated by any legacy, ERP or PC-based application. It allows businesses to effectively leverage all information assets, accelerate decision-making, and respond more quickly to customer, partner or regulatory inquiries.


EOS Consolidation Services

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Migrate your Mainframe Output Management Solutions using RSD Proven methodology

Companies are looking to harness the full value of their information to remain competitive, keep costs down, and reduce the risks associated with information management in all areas of expertise. Most of them are facing the same challenge: the proliferation of output management tools within one IT department, and are willing to consolidate look-alike products.

What are the benefits of a Consolidation project?

Based on our migration experiences, savings from a consolidation project can represent 30% of the total budget dedicated to output management.

Why consolidate your output management solutions with RSD?

RSD’s successful track record is a result of our experience and expertise to implement effective enterprise software and solutions. RSD Proven Methodology minimizes risks and delivers a successful migration while ensuring business continuity.

RSD has successfully migrated some of the largest worldwide companies in the recent past from the following solutions:


  • BMC Control D
  • CA Dispatch
  • Beta 92
  • ASG-Mobius ViewDirect
  • CA Deliver Beta 93
  • ASG-Mobius Infopac
  • CA Bundl
  • CA View