Customer Communication

Complete Customer Communication

Maximize your business opportunities with your customers through your communication.

Take advantage of every customer communication opportunity by delivering high-quality, and personalized messages.

Communicate with your customers strategically through the use of CSF Designer. Whether it’s print or electronic, every time you send a statement, an invoice, a notice, a letter, or a direct mail piece to your customer, you have the chance to capture their attention – and their business – with strategic messages designed to help you meet your business objectives.

Communication Genetics gives you the tools to design and deliver all of your customer communications, from statements, bills, correspondence and policies, to electronic content for e-mail and Internet delivery.

CSF DesignerWeb – Connecting Marketing and IT for Better Customer Communication.

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CSF Designer - Benefits

  • Create intuitive customer communications using functionality such as graphs and charts, logos, color, and transactional tables.
  • Significantly reduce your testing time. CSF FasTest provides efficiencies in all facets of document testing and moves you through the document creation and deployment process quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Use intuitive document design tools, so you can save as much as 80% of the time required to create targeted communications, as compared to using other, less sophisticated customer communication technologies.
  • Create one template, then deliver those customer communications via traditional print or newer digital delivery channels.
  • Lower your outsourced printing costs by formatting and printing more short-run marketing communications in-house. CSF Designer makes it cost-effective to produce quick, targeted, small- volume print pieces in your own shop.
  • Support both mainframe and open systems computing platforms. Csf designer's open xml based architecture makes system portability a reality.
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  • Create contracts, notices, collections, form letters, and other correspondence
  • Automatically import microsoft® word documents
  • Batch and on-demand production from single design
  • Re-use templates for rapid development and consistent corporate image
  • Insert secure dynamic images for signatures, etc.
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  • Communicate clearly with advanced formatting
  • Control document layout with flowing transactional tables and text boxes
  • Reuse document sections across applications
  • Prompt customer action with personalized messaging
  • Maximize content with white space management
  • Use color, graphics, and charts to inform and educate
  • Drive post-processing with bar codes
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  • Graphic-intensive communications created easily
  • Create full color promotional pieces with customer-relevant data
  • Import graphic images and assign selection criteria
  • Create data-driven bar and pie charts to present powerful statistical information
  • Track message placement statistics for campaign management

CSF® Designer™ is a suite of software that allows you to create and deliver all your customer communications, including bills, statements, notices, letters, policies, direct mail campaigns, booklets, and brochures. With CSF Designer, you can generate high-volume recurring documents, or individual customer communications, while enhancing marketing capabilities, strengthening your customer relationships, and reducing development costs.

Use CSF Designer to personalize your customer documents, target your clients with specific, actionable messages, and then track the results. CSF Designer can handle any size and type of document production, whether print or electronic, and delivers your customer documents anywhere, anytime.