Records & Output Management

Records and Output Management

EOS 360 increases your mainframe operations efficiency. For over 40 years, EOS has been the flagship name of RSD's offerings. It's a proven scalable and reliable enterprise software output management solution, easy to install and to manage. Based on an extensive analysis of customer feedback, EOS 360 has been developed to reduce the cost of utilization, increase availability and performance, expedite administration tasks of IT administrators, and improve mainframe output management and user access to EOS reports and information.

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More Security and Availability

  • Managing security at each IT level and managing information risks
  • Maintaining business continuity, high availability and performances of IT systems


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  • With business innovation to improve end-user’s experiences
  • Adjusting & redesigning the current IT Operating Model
  • Simplifying systems and applications of the IT infrastructure, from Mainframe to Cloud environments


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Budget control & IT effectiveness

  • By improving existing business processes
  • In reducing IT costs and driving efficiency


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  • In selecting vendors on SLA and on their capacity to deliver

How EOS 360 can bring value to IT departments by solving key challenges?

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More Security and Availability

Performance issues in report searches on archives?

EOS 360 has the Archive Master Index (AMI) that now enables searches from 5 to 70 times faster. Therefore, reducing delay for business units and end users to get access to their restored reports. Now that’s performance improvement!

Spool Full? Normally you would need a minimum of 1 hour of IT Admin work, to correct a spool full condition, with the Risk of not having business users access their critical information?

EOS 360 introduces an automated spool management feature that Increases the high availability of EOS by reducing downtime and manual process. Reports are always available for providing optimum business continuity.

Risk and Privacy (Compliance) Since risk and Privacy are strong requirements.

EOS 360 comes with a High Level Encryption module to secure sensitive data. It integrates a Field-masking feature to protect personal information and enforce data privacy. The best way to be compliant with key regulations (PCI, HIPAA …)

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Need to access to reports anywhere? You will be able to simplify business user’s IT infrastructure with a brand new interface

EOS 360 has a user friendly and secured interface compatible with any modern browser and mobile terminals based on Google’s Angular 2 framework. It simplifies the infrastructure by removing the need for Java plugin thanks to the use of the Angular 2 framework. Reports are accessible anywhere.

Need to improve end-user experience?

Why not leverage Microsoft? EOS 360 provides a Microsoft Outlook plug-in, providing easy and secure access to EOS reports for Outlook users, requiring minimal training, while improving user-experience.

Integration with existing environments without adding new complexity.

The REST Web Services integration within EOS 360 enables a standard integration with web applications, with easy implementation and testing, thanks to a full SWAGGER API documentation.

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Budget control & IT effectiveness

An improved auditing capability.

With EOS 360 Dashboards and its Auditing capability, IT departments add visibility into EOS activity while additionally Identifying both positive and negative trends

Reduce MIPs consumption, save costs and leverage existing infrastructure.

An additional component called the z/EOS Bridge has the ability to reduce cost of output management by transferring output distribution and storage on an EOS Open System platform. Thus saving MIPS consumption related to interactive user connection to access reports by up to 40%. The z/EOS BRIDGE is offered as an add-on to EOS 360, and offers customers the best choice of the hybrid (Mainframe and Open Systems) world.

EOS Access:

Demonstration of Microsoft Outlook Add-In

EOS Access:

Discover the new User Interface

EOS Bridge:

Hybrid Output Management Solution


Reduce your Mainframe costs by using RSD EOS Bridge